Helps me to take control on my epilepsy
May help my doctor to care my epilepsy



Mood Radar

Describe your mood and energy state everyday.

Report a seizure

Establish a calendar of seizures stating their timing, their symptoms, their circumstances of occurence, their particularity.

Filming my seizures

Use the iPhone to film your seizures and show them to your doctor. It might help to better diagnose/know your epilepsy.

Declare events

Declare a drug forget, the occurence of factors or circumstances that may favor or trigger seizures, potential adverse effects of your treatment, health or life events.

Manage my treatment

Enter your current medication, plan your treatment changes, keep a record of your treatment, use a medication alarm.

Monitor my sleep

Quantify your sleep by letting your iPhone record your sleep movements.

My seizure charts

Have your seizures displayed in graphical form and address their temporal link with antiepileptic drugs, favoring circumstances... These charts may help your doctor to adapt your treatment.


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